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We have the old style Bed Buddy hot cold pack NO seam!

We sell beautiful herbal aromatherapy heat pads in most shapes and sizes, and some are unscented! Our heating packs make moist heat and cold restorative processes for relaxation and pain control. The warmth of our microwavable herb - filled products, relaxe tight, short muscles and soothe tired painful joints. The smell of the herbal pad will do you a world of good.
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NEW! We will soon have aromatherapy essential oils to compliment our sweet smelling herbal heating pads!

We will ship our all natural aromatherapy heat packs directly to you OR straight to your loved one as a gift.

shoulder heating pads

You will love our soothing heat wraps and pads! Our reasonably priced micro - wave heating pads for neck or shoulders are the absoulute best. We carry the Original Bed Buddy without a dividing seam, plus many shapes and dimensions of alternative herbal heat packs. Here is hot and cold therapy for the neck, shoulders, upper and lower backs and other places. Our soft cotton Bed Buddie covers will keep your hot wrap spotless.

Microwave heating pads, hot cold packs are heat bags or ice packs for warm or cool therapy. Microwave hot packs and cold packs give natural pain relief. We provide microwavable heat pads for back pain, heating pads for neck pain, hot cold packs for migraine relief as well as heat cold packs for back and knee pains. All these make the best gifts!

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Here are some of the herbs in our aromatherapy heating pads. Remember, any of our packs are available unscented, and in any of our brilliant colors and versitile shapes.





Flax Seeds

flax seed





Lemon Grass

lemon grass



White Willow

white willow



Yellow Dock
yellow dock


We never use cheap rice or other grain fillers in our herbal heat packs. Our made in the USA heat packs are made with high quality flax seeds. We found that flax seeds do not develop a burnt smell, and they hold the heat much longer than rice or other grains.
Our herbal or unscented heat wraps are great for professional massage therapists. Warm up your clients before a massage session and loosen the muscles first! *Use an unscented one for those clients who have allergies.

 neck wrap

Browse through our Herbal Heat Pad Store. We are sure you will find a gift of health that is perfect for you, along with some great healthy gifts for all your friends at birthday and holiday time. We have all shapes, colors and sizes and some of our aromatherapy hot pads, heated wraps are made with organic cotton and / or organic flax seeds. We think that our made in America heat packs are better than a Bed Buddy!

"Fantastic customer service. I was able to contact the seller easily and received an immediate response. Very pleased." 

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Made in the USA

Our shoulder wraps, large heat packs for the back, herbal hot pads and heating wraps and heat pads are made with love in the USA.

We also carry the Carex Original Bed Buddy hot / cold pads with NO middle seam. These older styles are hard - to - find Bed Buddies! Unfortunatly, the Carex Bed Buddy hot cold packs are no longer made in the USA. Our heating pads for neck, shoulder or back pain are made in the USA.

Call 727-393-2226 for special aromatherapy heating pad offers.
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Herbal heat packs heating pads and wraps for the microwave and fragrant essential oils.

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