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heat pads  heat wraps

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"The shoulder packs were rec'd today, in 4 days after being
sent from ESG Massage to Oregon.
Super fast and great communication.
The packs smell absolutely heavenly, can't wait to give as Christmas gifts.
Very happy with purchase.
Thank You Ellie!"
by Kelly on 09/05/2011

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Our Herbal Heat Packs are Great for Spas, Salons, Yoga,
Massage Therapy, Promotions, Gifts and Give-Aways.
Everyone Loves a Gift of Health! Heat Packs with Aromatherapy for Pain Relief!

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We sell beautiful herbal heat packs, all shapes and sizes, with or without herbs! Our heating pads provide moist heat and cold therapy for relaxation and pain management. The warmth of our microwavable herb packs relaxes tense muscles and soothe tired painful joints. The aroma of the herbal pack calms the mind and spirit.
Use your credit card or PayPal online, or mail us a check. We will ship our aromatherapy heat packs directly to you OR straight to your loved one as a gift.

Shipping charges will be cut in half, when you order a total of six - 9 neck rings and / or body heat pack warmers (mix and match okay) , all shipped to the same address in the USA or Canada.
neck and back wrap

You will love our soothing heat therapy wraps and pads! Our very affordable microwave heating pads for neck and shoulders are of the highest quality. We carry the Original Bed Buddy with NO middle seam, as well as many shapes and sizes of other herbal heat packs. We have heat and cold therapy for the neck, shoulders, knees and other body parts that may be in need of healing. Our washable cotton Bed Buddy covers will keep your hot packs clean and fresh.

I have been a massage therapist in Seminole Florida for almost 25 years. For massage therapy, Click Here.

I have used microwavable heating pads in my practice and have seen fantastic results when massage therapy is combined with heat and cold therapy. Heat increases blood supply to the injury to encourage healing, relieves muscle and joint pain and relaxes stiffness. Heat packs are used for pain relief and muscle relaxation.

As a staple to my practice, I recognized the need for quality heat therapy products, so I set out to find quality, well made microwavable heat packs and make them available to not only my massage patients, but to everyone in the USA, Canada and parts of Europe! Our herbal neck rings and rectangle shaped heat pacs, available in scented and unscented, are made in the USA!
Our unscented heat packs are available in ALL the same colors as the scented ones! Call for details.Buy heat packs with visa

Some of my clients were using microwaveable rice packs for their heat therapy but experienced problems with these types of heat packs. When applied, the filling would slip to the ends of the pack, leaving the center area empty. And the cheap grains like wheat, rice, & corn developed an unpleasant odor & felt lumpy. We never use cheap rice or other grain fillers in our herbal heat packs. Our heat / cold packs are made with high quality flax seeds. We found that flax seeds do not develop a burnt smell, and they hold the heat much longer than rice or other grain.
Our herbal or unscented heat packs are great for professional massage therapists. Warm up your clients before a massage session and loosen the muscles first! Use an unscented heat pack for those clients that have allergies.

Please browse through our Herbal Heat Pack Store. We are sure you will find a heat pack or two that is perfect for you, along with some great healthy gifts for all your friends at birthday and holiday time. We have all shapes, colors and sizes and some of our hot packs are made with organic cotton and / or organic flax seeds. Our shoulder wraps, neck rings and rectangle heat packs are made with love in the USA.

We also carry the Original Bed Buddy with NO middle seam. We have the last batch of these hard - to - find Bed Buddies!

Call 727-393-2226 for special wholesale offers. The Original Bed BuddyBuy heat packs with visa

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