The Original Bed Buddy Heat Packs - NO Seam and Heat Pack Covers

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Bed Buddy heat pack original no seam

19 " x 4 1/4"
(white part)

Original Microwave Bed Buddy Heat Pack - 2 styles - Says Original on the box!

The original "moist" heat pack designed for use in soothing sore muscles, aches, and pains. Made for the microwave, this heat pack is really good.

Use It Hot or Cold, Long Lasting, Reusable, Ready in one Minute, Stays Heated for up to an hour, One Size Fits All, Filled with 100% Natural, Organic Grains, Easy and Safe, Use as Directed.

Enhanced with the stitching down the middle to evenly distribute the natural grains. OR choose the one with no stitching down the middle.the original bed buddy box

Handles make this reusable Bed Buddy hot - cold pack easy to hold. It contains 100% organic materials that are safe for the environment, people and pets. These heat packs have NO herbal scent. Color is white with blue handles on both ends. The bed buddy microwave heat pack is great!

ESG recommends heating your Bed Buddy Heat Pack or any heat pack for no longer than 60 seconds at a time, adding 15 seconds as needed, not to exceed 90 seconds total heating time.

The comfort and pain relief are FREE!

Covers are made in the USA!

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"Irregular" means that your Bed Buddy may have a tiny bump, or discoloration on the fabric. It could also mean there is a tiny mended hole in the white fabric. These irregularities will not effect the usage of your heat pack.

original bed buddy no seam

The Bed Buddy Hot Pack
Blue handles on each end.
Comes with or without
the middle seam

New Style - (With Seam)
Old Style - (No Seam

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Bed Buddy Covers

Protect your Bed Buddy
Heat Pack
Easy to get on and off
Measures: 5 1/2" x 21"

Bed Buddy Heat Pack Cotton Covers

Prolong the life of your Bed Buddy ® heat pack with a hand - made cotton cover with elastic on both ends. Fits over the Bed Buddy heat pack. Made in the USA.
Easy to get on and off!

Keep your White Bed Buddy Heat Pack clean and fresh with one of our home made washable covers. The cover is made of washable sturdy cotton. The elastic on both ends tightens, so the handles are not covered.
This cover keeps your pack clean, fresh and free from body oils.
Please put the cover on the Bed Buddy after the heat pack is warmed. It is easy to get on and off.

Measures: 5 1/2" x 20" and is available in camel or blue.
Wash blue or tan flannel in cold water and place the cover over your Buddy heat pack after the heat pack is hot. It is very easy to get off and on. These covers fit ALL styles of bed buddies with the blue handles on each end.

Covers are made in the USA! Available in Camel or Powder for your Bed Buddy

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Bed Buddy Sinus pack



The Bed Buddy Sinus Pack

It provides doctor recommended moist heat and provides relief from sinus, tension, and migraine headache pain. The sinus pack can be used for hot & cold therapy. It should be used cold to treat tired, puffy eyes or warm for headaches and tension. Features an adjustable strap for a comfortable fit. A natural alternative or compliment to over the counter drug treatments.

  • Doctor Recommended Moist Heat
  • Provides Hot & Cold Therapy
  • Flexible Form Fitting Design
  • Reusable
  • Filled with 100% natural grains
  • Use Cold over the eyes - NO heat
  • Easy and safe, use as directed

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Bed Buddy cotton covers are made in the USA!

We sell The Original Bed Buddy and other herbal heat packs
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bed buddy microwave heat pack