Aromatherapy Heat Packs - Natural Microwavable Heating Pads and Wraps

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Microwaveable Herbal
Neck Wraps are Cotton or Satin

Herbal Aromatherapy
Heating Pad for the Neck

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Neck Wraps for the Microwave - Heating Pads for the Neck

Heat therapy to your rescue! Heat is hard to beat and it has no ill side effects! One of the good side effects is increased blood flow. This flow to the affected area provides: proteins, nutrients and oxygen for faster healing.

This hot pad for the neck is perfect for those who want to heat the neck and need a rounded herbal heat pack. Our neck wrap is much lighter than our shoulder heat pad, and will treat only the neck and occipital area.

You should use our heat pad for 10 minutes before you work out to prevent muscle injury
ALL of the herbal heat pads on this page are all natural aromatherapy and made in America.

Made in the USA

You will feel so relaxed by the scent of the 11 herbs deliberately chosen for their healing ability. Peppermint, lemon grass, white willow, valerian, and rosemary for example, are all able to relieve pain. There are also relaxants, rejuvenators, and calming herbs in this aromatherapy neck heater ring. Comes with OR without herbs! Unscented heat packs are available in ALL the same colors as the aromatherapy ones!

  • Microwave it for hot therapy. The heat lasts 45 minutes or more.
  • U-shaped design fits the contour of the neck and shoulders and it stays in place while walking, sitting at your desk or standing!
  • So flexible it wraps and contours to any body part, hands, knees, elbows, etc
  • Mist it with a spritzer to make it damp
  • Ultra Silky Satin- Feels just like silk yet extremely durable. Available in 8 luxurious glistening jewel tone colors.

Heat may be used to ease chronic neck pain associated with arthritis or poorly healed neck injuies.
To clean our herbal wraps, spot clean with a damp cloth and air dry.

neck heating pad

Cozy Microwaveable Herbal Neck Heat Wrap
Luxury Heating Pad for YOUR Neck - all natural


13 X 12 X .5 inches



Cuddly Heat Wrap for Neck - Herbal Concepts

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This microwavable pad is perfect for relieving tension, body pain, tight or cramping. Curves nicely around neck providing much warmth. It stays in place while walking around or at your computer. Holds the heat for 45 minutes, so take to bed with you!

Aroma comes from the one hundred percent essential herbs and seeds. Check the temperature before use and do NOT overheat.
This awesome neck wrap should be iced to reduce all sorts of swelling.

Long lasting, penetrating warmth and you can reheat this one for years to come!

To clean our aromatherapy heated wraps, spot clean with a damp cloth and air dry. You could even use a drop or tow of our aromatherapy oils on the end of the wrap before you put it in the microwave for added smells.

Cozy Heat Pack and Pad for the Neck Features:

  • Made from 100% all natural, 12 natural and fresh herbs & grains, there is a soft & cozy fabric on this heating pad for the neck
  • Pad heats in microwave in 1-2 minutes on medium - Learn your microwave settings. It stays in place no matter what you are doing.
  • Use as a microwave heating pad or freeze it for cold therapy. Made in the USA just fo you.

heating pads sm

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Heavy Neck & Shoulder
Heating Pad Wrap Combo
Herbal Concepts

Won't slide off!
24 X 16 X .5"

$23.50 - $24.50

Price Slashed!!
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Natural Shoulder Wrap / Heat Pad

Made in the America - All Natural - Scented with herbs or not!

Herbal Concepts creates 100% all natural aromatherapy hot & freezer wraps in America.
Elegant Shoulder Heating Pad Description:

This cervical & upper arm wrap is just what you need for putting anywhere, and it is made for what ever calls for heat. The picture shows how it cradles your upper body. The wrap is heavy and large, soft and luxurious.

Every Herbal Concepts shoulder wrap contains physician formulated group of 12 herbs and grains, unless you order one with NO herbs.

Heat it and get the benefits of aromatherapy from the 100% all natural herbs & grains. Hot or frozen, this elagent Shoulder Wrap can help you relax, rejuvenate and restore your body and lift your spirits.

Shoulder Wrap Heating Pad Features

Our USA Herb heat pads are made in the USA and created naturally all the way, with soft & cozy fabric and many different colors to choose from. Call us for details.

You should heat all of these pads in the microwave in 1-2 minutes, or you can freeze it for a few hours for cold therapy. This one even has an extra tall collar for maximum shoulder therapy that wraps around the neck and down across the shoulder, making it the best for hefty people!

These shoulder hot packs are available with aromatherapy fragrance or without good smelling herbs and the width is 24 X 16 X .5 inches

heat pack body packs

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heat pack for shoulder

12"X6" rectangle shaped
microwaveable heat pack
(Rectangle Body Wrap)

Request Satin or Cotton
Scented or Unscented

$13.50 - $16.20
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Color Choices

Rectangle Herbal Heat Pad with Aromatherapy Herbs OR unscented.
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All-natural microwaveable heating pads are wonderful for providing warming relief for aches and pains. Simply heat in the microwave for 60 - 90 seconds and apply targeted therapy anywhere on your body.

Herbal Therapy Pack / Pad Fabric options:

  • 100% Organic Cotton: Durable yet soft and comforting.
  • Ultra Silky Satin Feels just like silk yet extremely durable. Available in 8 luxurious glistening jewel tone colors.
    This basic herbal pack measures approximately 12" x 6" and can be folded it fit any body part. Use it hot to relieve muscle and joint pain or crams. Use it cold to promote muscle relaxation and reduce fever and swelling. The soothing aroma therapy helps promote overall relaxation, relieve tension, and reduce stress.

Special 100% Natural 11 Herb mixture, including organic flax and 100% cotton clothes.

Back pain doesn't last when you have this rectangle shaped microwaveable heat pad! Place your basic warmer pad into the microwave for 1 1/2 minutes and you'll enjoy deep penetrating moist heat. The hot pack heats in minutes and stays heated for up to 1 hour. It is safe for environment, people, and pets.

Comes with or without herbs. Heat packs are scented unless it states UNSCENTED. The unscented hot packs are available in ALL the same colors as the scented ones!
Made in the USA! Cotton covers are sold below.

basic covers

Washable Rectangle
Heat Pack Cover

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Washable Cotton Covers - fits your Basic Rectangle Herbal Pack

Prolong the life of your rectangle hot pack ( above ) with a specially fitted cover. Folds over the heat pack like a sandwich bag. Keep your herbal heating pads clean and neat by using our washable covers. It is created with soft material and it keeps your herbal Heat Pack - hot pack clean and fresh.

Herbal Heat Pack Cover is not sold in stores. Made in the USA!

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back wrap

Our Large Back Wrap

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Our Large Back Wrap Heat Pack Pad

The best for abolishing stress, tension, muscle tenderness or cramps. Stuffed with 9 rehabilitating herbs and fresh grains, the extra large back wrap goes from your shoulders all the way down to your lower back. Wow, how large is that? See all back wraps>

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Large Heat Pack for the body, features heat therapy for the back

Created from all natural herbals and fresh seeds, it has long lasting, permiating coziness.

This large heat pack is totally made in the America.

Our "Lower back" heating pad is shown below.

Made in the USA

for lower back

Buy this Smaller Back Heat Wrap!

back wrap blue

Buy this Large Neck / Back Heat Pack!
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Warm and Fuzzy
Booties for Microwave

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Comfort Warming Booties

The ultimate luxury for your feet! Comfort Booties provide 100% all natural aromatherapy for your feet!

Comfort Booties have a removable inner sole filled with 12 healing herbs and the highest quality, natural grains available. The natural herbs contour your feet and help to relieve stress, tension, cramps and muscle discomfort.

Microwave for instant heat therapy - chill for cold therapy. Hot or cold the Comfort Booties can help you relax, rejuvenate and restore your body and soul.

note: Intended for use in a resting position. Not intended for walking.

Made with 100% all natural herbs & grains in soft and cozy fabrics. Heats in the microwave in minutes for long lasting penetrating warmth. You may order these with or without herbs in any color.

warm scarf

A Gift Eveyone Would Love!
Watch the clip about our warming scarf!


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The Warming Scarf

Watch the clip about our warming scarf!

The Warming Scarf is perfect for indoor or outdoor activities. Designed to wrap comfortably around your neck, the warming scarf has 2 extra deep pockets to keep cell phone and keys accessible, while keeping hands warm and snug. The neck and pockets are lined with 12 natural herbs and grains that contour your body to help relieve stress and tension while keeping you warm and comfortable. The Warming Scarf can be used for hot or cold therapy.

  • 100% completely natural herbs and grains and heats in your microwave in less than two minutes
  • same soft, cozy fabric as our other Herbal Concepts heat wraps
  • fluted channels with extra herbs & grains for long lasting warmth, make this scarf perfect for outdoor activities when cold outside.
  • Our designers made sure it has stylish details make scarf fun to wear. Order one in any color!
  • It has deep pockets to keep keys & cell phone accessible

heat pack vest

The Large Comfort Vest

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Comfort Vest Heat Wrap Description

The Comfort Vest provides 100% all natural aromatherapy, blanketing your upper body in soothing warmth. The Comfort Vest is filled with 12 healing herbs and the highest quality, natural grains available. The natural herbs & soft fabric contour your body and help eliminate stress, tension, cramps and muscle discomfort. Microwave for instant heat therapy or freeze for cyro therapy. Warmed or chilled, this huge vest is the perfect gift for you or your loved one.

23 x 27 x .5 inches

  • plush & fresh materials - Created in America!
  • extra large wrap for maximum therapy
  • heat & aroma herbs or order the unscented version in any of our bright colors. Go here to see some color swatches
  • long lasting, penetrating warmth is available with or without aromatherapy!
  • chill in the freezer for 3 hours and put on the painful place.

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Neck Hot Wrap Terms

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Herbal aromatherapy neck wrap heating pads

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