Bed Buddy Microwave Hot Cold Heat Pack

bed buddy style

With Seams Specifications:
19 " x 4 1/4"
(white part)

original bed buddy heat pack no seam

Without Seams Specifications:
19 " x 4 1/4"
(white part)

No Seams


"Slightly" Irregular No Seam
Only $18.25

With Seams

pay here

The original "moist" heat pack designed for use in soothing sore muscles, aches, and pains. Made for the microwave, this heat pack is really great.

Use It Hot or Cold, Long Lasting, Reusable, Ready in one Minute, Stays Heated for up to an hour, One Size Fits All, Filled with grains, easy and Safe, Use as Directed and do not overheat. We recommend heating for 70 seonds only.

Enhanced with the stitching in the body to evenly distribute the natural grains. OR choose the one with no separating seams..bed buddy box

Handles make this reusable Bed Buddy hot - cold pack easy to hold. It contains 100% organic materials that are safe for the environment, people and pets. These heat packs have NO herbal scent.

ESG recommends heating your Bed Buddy Heat Pack or any heat pack for no longer than 60 seconds at a time, adding 15 seconds as needed, not to exceed 90 seconds total heating time.

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"Irregular" means that your Bed Buddy may have a tiny bump or there is a tiny mended hole in the white fabric. These tiny irregularities will not effect the usage of your heat pack.


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We sell The Original Bed Buddy and other herbal heating pads and
the bed buddy hot cold hot pack

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